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MEDITECH Certified Partners


The collaborators listed below work closely with MEDITECH as Approved Certified Partners. The companies listed below are available to assist you with your in your implementation of MEDITECH's HCIS applications. By clicking on the related partner's logo, you will be directed to their site for further information. To view this list on MEDITECH's webiste, please click here.


ACS MediHealth

ACS MediHealth has worked with MEDITECH for 16 years in the following areas: Home Health, ACUTE, LTAC, and Ambulatory. We provide a number of services and hardware offerings to MEDITECH sites. The goal of my sales team are to listen, observe, strategize and provide feedback based on our experience as a MEDITECH partner for more than 16 years.


Some of our services (some free & some paid) are as follows: Device Fair, Wired/Wireless Readiness Assessments, Build Wired/Wireless Medical Grade Infrastructures, Mobility Device Management, Clinical Workflow Redesign, Technology Gap Assessments, Device Imaging & Management, Certify Devices, Provide Hardware Quotes.


The areas ACS MediHealth supports MEDITECH clientele are: BMV, PHLEB, SCA, MM, LAB, PHARM and PCMII.


To reach an Areas Sales Manager, please click here.


MEDITECH's e-Prescribing functionality plays a critical role in our customers' medication management process by providing a single point of connectivity for a secure exchange of patient information between a wide range of providers, payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and pharmacies. Our eRX initiatives have been co-developed with DrFirst, a proven leader in the eRX industry for a number of years.

EBSCO Publishing

MEDITECH has collaborated with EBSCO Publishing to provide customers with evidence-based patient education information and patient discharge instructions to ensure ready access to evidence-based, medically accurate information. Discharge instructions from EBSCO's Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) product will be fully integrated into MEDITECH's departure process routines, making it easy for clinicians to provide patients with easy-to-understand information regarding every aspect of their care upon discharge.


FileTek supplies technologies which enable MEDITECH customers to comply with the National Health Service (NHS) strategy for Electronic Health Records (EHR). FileTek is a data storage and access systems provider which enables health care organizations within both the NHS and private sectors, in the United Kingdom and worldwide, to rapidly access ever-growing volumes of patient historical data.

First DataBank

First DataBank supplies MEDITECH customers with the dictionaries which define drug interactions and monograph information required for customers using MEDITECH's Pharmacy solution. First DataBank's drug monographs, available at the point of medication administration, provide our customers with valuable knowledge about medications, facilitating clinician learning and patient education. Medication orders are checked against the patients' active medication profile in MEDITECH, utilizing the First DataBank drug knowledge database.


FormFast automation solutions simplify and streamline processes across the entire healthcare enterprise, including clinical, financial, administrative, risk management and enterprise resource planning workflows. With FormFast's eSignature solution, MEDITECH customers eliminate the need for paper and manual scanning associated with the document-signing process. Often used during admissions and for bedside consent, eSignature helps MEDITECH hospitals achieve their goals of being completely paperless.

Forward Advantage

For more information on Forward Advantage, please contact: Mike Knebel, Vice President Sales

As part of MEDITECH’s comprehensive interoperability product strategy, we have collaborated with Forward Advantage to develop Data Express, a solution which enables our customers to deliver clinical data to physicians’ practices efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Data Express receives HL7 formatted messages from MEDITECH, and can deliver it to multiple destinations, in multiple formats, and in a variety of transport methods.


MEDITECH provides identity management solutions through its relationship with Forward Advantage. Through its im-One program, Forward Advantage provides end-to-end identity management solutions to MEDITECH customers by bringing together solutions from leading identity management providers, developing software for the unique challenges of the clinical environment, providing services to assist hospitals in every step of the process, and working with MEDITECH to integrate each of these elements.


MEDITECH works with Forward Advantage to provide the necessary conversion tool, components, and services to MEDITECH customers looking to convert their existing imaging and scanning system information to the MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving solution. We have developed an overview that outlines all the benefits, as well as an FAQ document that tells you how to get started.

Institue for Health Metrics (IHM)

MEDITECH and the Institue for Health Metrics (IHM) are working together to turn data from the MEDITECH HCIS into outcomes measurements and reports. IHM's products automate our customers' data extraction processes for organizational analysis, Joint Commission core measures reporting, and measuring the quality of care physicians are providing. IHM works exclusively with MEDITECH customers to study care patterns and practice protocols in order to improve the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of health care.


MediSolv provides enterprise-wide reporting, business intelligence, and clinical decision support reporting solutions to MEDITECH customers. Medisolv integrates directly with MEDITECH's Data Repository, enabling our customers to maximize the effectiveness of their Data Repository solution. By using dashboards and balanced scorecards specifically designed for MEDITECH customers, Medisolv provides a valuable management tool to monitor select Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


Medi-Span integrates easily with MEDITECH's Pharmacy and RXM solutions to provide our customers with a complete line of drug databases, including clinical decision support and disease suite modules. Medi-Span is part of Wolters Kluwer Health, and has provided comprehensive, accurate, and trusted drug information for more than 30 years to health care professionals worldwide.


PatientEDU provides evidence-based educational materials to promote patient involvement throughout the care process. PatientEDU's educational programs, which can be accessed directly from the MEDITECH HCIS, are interactive, video-based tutorials. Patient access and results are recorded and retained, providing benefits in continuity of care, improved outcomes, reduced costs, and reduced risk while meeting facility compliance and reporting requirements. MEDITECH's collaboration with PatientEDU allows clinicians to engage patients throughout the care process, using information technology to improve the way health care is delivered.

Peter Cohen Associates

Peter Cohen Associates (PCA) works closely with MEDITECH customers to optimize the usage of transcription services provided by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. From implementation to go-LIVE, PCA helps MEDITECH customers transition from hand-written records to interfacing speech recognition into their MEDITECH HCIS.


Presidio offers MEDITECH's customers a managed VPN service for secure Internet access to MEDITECH hosted applications, and assists in the planning, design, implementation, and ongoing management of the VPN access router.

Thompson Reuters

Together with MEDITECH's Pharmacy solution,Thompson Reuters automatically onitors drug and allergy interactions, provides dose range checking, and provides access to drug monographs. Additionally, Thomson Reuters and MEDITECH have collaborated to provide patient education and patient discharge instructions through integration with CareNotes, helping hospitals to fully involve patients in their health care.

Troy Secure Print Solutions

Meditech’s patient-centric EHR enables caregivers to share patient information in real time across multiple settings including ambulatory, acute, and home care. Coordination between care teams promotes safe, cost-effective treatment while enhancing communication with patients.

TROY Healthcare Solutions has partnered with ACS MediHealth and Meditech, integrating several EMR solutions to accommodate secure prescription printing needs and eliminating the barriers to achieving meaningful use.

Product Integration System Requirements  
  • Meditech 6.X
  • Client Server (Version 5.64)
  • Magic

  • Windows Server 2003/2008R2, 32/64 bit OS
  • Workstations use Windows XP or above
  • Optimized to work with HP printers. TROY will consult with you if you employ other printer makes and models
Winthrop Resources

Winthrop offers MEDITECH customers flexible capital, operating, and tax-exempt municipal lease financing solutions which cover software, implementation, and training for MEDITECH and LSS Data Systems. Financing programs also include all hardware and services provided by Dell Systems, EMC, HP, IBM, and IHM, including other third-party costs and services. Winthrop specializes in structuring financing transactions which contain a significant portion of soft costs.

Zynx Health

MEDITECH has collaborated with Zynx Health to offer our customers the ability to integrate over 950 evidence-based order sets, including order sets that are foundational to addressing the requirements in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), with MEDITECH's Physician Care Manager and Emergency Department Management suites. Zynx Health order sets help hospitals adopt evidence-based practices by presenting national quality measures and clinical evidence in a clinically actionable format. When evidence-based order sets are used in conjunction with MEDITECH's Provider Order Management solution, physicians are provided with the latest evidence, guidelines, reminders, and performance measures.

If you don't see a manufacturer listed above, we probably work with them as well. Ask one of our Area Sales Manager and they will be happy to assist.