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ACS MediHealth & MEDITECH collaborate


Bella Vista Hospital, ACS MediHealth as vendor


MEDITECH Certified

ACS MediHealth has partnered with Validic to bring you real solutions for your world filled with wearable devices. Validic is the industry's leading cloud-based technology platform connecting patient health data from mobile health and in-home devices, wearables and patient healthcare applications to its clients - which includes providers, payers, health IT vendors, pharmaceutical and wellness companies. With access to this patient data, ACS MediHealth customers accelerate their strategic business initiatives, such as patient engagement strategies patient population management, care coordination, wellness programs and more.


Reasons Clients Choose ACS MediHealth


Immediate Access

Instant connections to a wide range of clinical and wellness wearables, in-home devices and apps.


Safe, Secure and Standardized Data

All data is de-identified using the HIPAA Safe Harbor standard, and brought into our system in a uniform format with standardized units.


Join a Growing mHealth Ecosystem

You can benefit from one of the largest global digital health marketplaces with 175+ devices and 160M+ covered lives.


Quick Deployment

ACS MediHealth can deploy in hours, not months or years.


Save Money

ACS MediHealth saves you 90% or more per year when compared to the cost of building and maintaining a comparable system.


Scale and Focus

Get to your strategic initiatives faster than doing it yourself, and stay focused on your core strategic business initiatives.


Commitment to Your Success

ACS MediHealth is focused to help companies conveniently overcome digital health integration challenges.


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