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ACS MediHealth & MEDITECH collaborate


Bella Vista Hospital, ACS MediHealth as vendor


Doctors are bringing mobile devices to the workplace at an alarming pace and are seeking to use them in patient care. Unrestricted usage could jeopardize private patient information as well as place an unacceptable burden on the network and IT resources. Similarly, both patients and guests request to use their personal wireless devices while they are in the hospital. All of these devices potentially share a network environment with critical hospital wired and wireless devices including location tracking systems, telemetry, and biomed devices; each with their independent needs for security, quality of service, data access, and bandwidth. How does an IT organization provide the flexible resources required to manage a comprehensive BYOD strategy while maintain costs, control, and security?


Purpose-built to support clinical workflows, OneFabric delivers a consistently positive user experience for caregivers, patients and guests all on the same network, while also guaranteeing SLAs for critical applications. Whether it’s providing physician access to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) from any location with any device, seamless biomedical device support such as wireless infusion pumps, or toll quality IP voice communications, OneFabric allows caregivers to more effectively collaborate and provide faster and better care.


- Increasing number of mobile devices on your network

- Personal devices accessing patient information

- Multitude of different operating systems

- Staff limitations to support a growing trend

- HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliancy

- Securing core network from inevitable threat of rogue devices


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