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ACS MediHealth & MEDITECH collaborate


Bella Vista Hospital, ACS MediHealth as vendor


Bedside Medication Verification allows caregivers to utilize barcode scanning technology prior to administering medications, to confirm patient identity and medication information against data readily available via MEDITECH's on-line Medication Administration Record. Immediate access to a patient’s current results and medication administration information greatly reduces preventable medication errors. The use of bar code scanning increases accuracy and efficiency of caregivers completing medication administration records, providing physicians faster and easier access to critical information to manage patient care.



- View critical patient information such as allergies, test results & vital signs.

- Document the adminstration of medications

- Enter commnets relating to the administration of medications

- Enter reasons why a medication is not being administered

- Adjust dosage being administered

- View & change a medication's scheduled administration

- and many more...


ACS MediHealth has an array of products to help minimize time charting and maximize time interacting with patients. ACS MediHealth has the following areas of expertise after working with MEDITECH sites for more than 16 years:


- Workflow Assessment/Redesign

- Device Evaluation/Fair

- Programing devices to ensure they are MEDITECH Ready

- Train-the-trainer for endusers

- Offer Certified Products for sale with speacial MEDITECH pricing through ACS MediHealth


ACS MediHealth takes into consideration staffing ratios, census, shift structure, etc when helping sites understand the challenges they are facing when implementing MEDITECH's BMV module. To find out more, please contact the Area Sales Manager that covers your state. For professional services that surround BMV, you may also visit our Professional Services Page.


To find certified MEDITECH partners, please visit MEDITECH's webpage.